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Sign up for a guided tour of the romantic Princess Palace, experience life in the French Baroque style in the greatest splendor of the 18th century.

Dunakiliti will celebrate its 856th anniversary in 2022, and since 2010 it has proudly been entitled a “Humanitarian Settlement”. The village is divided by the Old Danube, the Mosony Danube and their meandering tributaries, creating a fairytale world that will be enjoyed not only by fishermen but also by tourists longing for wild waters. Thanks to that, in March 2018 we officially became a Nature Park of Szigetköz.

Princess Palace is one of the main attractions not only in Szigetköz, but also in the Golden Triangle, which is visited by hundreds of tourists from multiple countries, passionate golfers, or people who simply want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and their daily commitments. We offer elegance and an unforgettable experience thanks to the beautiful green surroundings and the 9-hole golf course. The mysterious corners of the Chateau provide an ideal setting for meetings with pleasant seating and beautiful terraces. It also confirms its uniqueness by the fact that the Palace was frequently visited by widely known personalities such as Dr. Otto Habsburg, Jose Carreras, Dr. Oetker, Ex-President Michal Kováč, Friderikusz Sándor and many others.

Visit us through a guided tour of the Chateau! We organise tours by groups of 15, on a daily basis.

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