Goals and activities of Full Swing Golf Club

The Full Swing Indoor Golf Club was founded in January 2022 and its founding members are Ing. July Chládek and Ing. Juraj Mészáros. The club was established on the FSIGC platform as a civic association, an associate member with all obligations and rights to the SKGA.

The governing body of the club is:

Club President: Ing. Ján Spura

1. Vice President: Ing. July Chládek
2. Vice President: Ing. Juraj Mészáros

Mission and purpose of the activity:

1. The basic mission of the FSGC is to provide its members and other interested parties with the conditions for the operation of golf and related sporting, social and cultural activities.
2. The main purpose and mission of the FSGC is to ensure a high standard of golf (sport), in particular:
– to take care of the development of the golf course, its social and leisure facilities and the material conditions for the implementation of the game of golf – the establishment and operation of a golf school (golf academy).
– establishment and development of a golf club and development of golf
– ensuring the activities of the parent club, organizing the use of the golf course and related facilities
– keeping a record of members and the club’s agenda
– providing funding for the operation of the golf club and the management of the club’s resources and assets
3. The FSGC represents the sports interests of its members vis-à-vis other golf clubs and the Slovak Golf Association (SKGA).

The subject of the activity:

1. Organizing and providing recreational and competitive golf.
2. Creating the operating conditions for the rented golf course and club, the material, technical and organizational conditions for golfing, including social programs, from the provision of restaurant services to various cultural programs.
3. To create conditions for the organization of own golf competitions, for the participation of its members in competitions organized by other domestic and foreign golf clubs, SKGA and other golf associations.
4. Representing the sports interests of its members in relation to other organizations (SKGA, EGA, other golf clubs, etc.).
5. Promotion of golf games and golf courses in the Bratislava region and in the neighboring counties of the Republic of Hungary.
6. Organizing and conducting sports, social and cultural events in connection with the activities of the golf club.
7. The FSGC shall ensure compliance with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Program, measures against the conduct and manipulation of competitions, and other measures against adverse events in sport arising from relevant laws and international regulations and decisions, in particular at events. according to an approved calendar of events.