Our venue for You

Host your celebrations in our stylish and non-traditional spaces, with de luxe accommodation for your events. Weddings, family celebrations, team-buildings, professional trainings, conferences, seminars, corporate parties, all in the manor premises of Princess Palace golf resort in Dunakiliti. The Palace house is a replica of a baroque Chateau furnished with historical elements and period furniture, it offers a touch of elegance also thanks to the beautiful surroundings of abundant greenery and a 9-hole golf course. The mysterious corners of the manor with a pleasant sitting in antique armchairs combined with the magical terraces are the ideal environment for your meetings. It also confirms its uniqueness by the fact that the Palace was frequently visited by widely known personalities such as Dr. Otto Habsburg, Jose Carreras, Dr. Oetker, Ex-President Michal Kováč, Friderikusz Sándor and many others. If you decide to stay overnight, the manor is the right place for an undisturbed peaceful sleep, thanks to its quiet environment conveniently away from the noisy cities of Bratislava, Vienna, or Budapest, all of which are on a an hour and half proximity by car.