Rolyan grandeour in French baroque style

Amazing experiences in the “Arany-háromszög”

Baroque in Szigetköz

The Princess Palace, baroques style castle is situated in the Szigetköz, in an amazing area of Kisalföld which is famous for its flora and fauna of both land and water. Dunakiliti is situated 10 km away  from the Austrian-Hungarian border and 8 km from the Slovakian - Hungarian border in the north-western gate of Hungary.


The building compound is emerging as a pearl from the lands of kisalföld. 

If you would like to get away from your everyday life

The Princess Palace castle  meticulously combines the style and character to create an atmosphere for the guests that exceeds the usual hotel experience. 

Grandeour and space

In classic style like kings

The luxurious interior of the Princess Palace  is remarkable due to its luxurious style, exceptional taste and materials. The baroque furnitrue collection reflects the furniture of the golden age of the French design with its luxurious appearance and rich ornaments.


Some pieces are directly from the Castle of Versailles. The guest beds are hand-carved masterpieces.

If you would like to get away from your everyday life

Presently we have a full capacity of 26 people in 13 rooms. In the hotel, you can find 2 lounges and a restaurant where breakfast is served between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. . 

Our colleagues can speak Hungarian, English, German and Slovakian.


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