The exclusive rooms are located in the right and left wings of the Palace, while the most luxurious apartments are placed in the middle of the building on the first floor, at the end of the marble staircase of the Foyer.

Princess Palace is enriched with 13 rooms. All of these rooms are individually designed in the style of the “golden France” with motifs characteristic of the mansion of Versailles, as some rooms have pieces directly from the Chateau de Versailles. Our Palace reflects precisely this slower, calmer world, not only with its philosophy, but also with the design of the rooms.

The architecture of Princess Palace will take you to the world in which Louis XVI, King of France of the Bourbon family, lived with his wife Maria Antoinette, daughter of Maria Theresa. With its luxurious appearance and rich decoration, the Baroque furniture collection is reminiscent of the style from the golden era of French design. The beds are unique thanks to the hand-carved details and a vintage design with a gold finish. The luxurious antique interiors of Princess Palace are reminiscent of the most exclusive chateaux, castles or lavishly furnished mansions from the Baroque period.