– Keep the pace of the game, avoid slow play and delay of play in accordance with Rule 5.6b
– Prohibition to change the order of the holes during the game
– Place the cut grass pieces back on the tees, fairways and semi-rafts
– Punch out traces of the balls on the greens
– Prohibition of the use of driving balls – the penalty for non-compliance is expulsion from the field for two months and forfeiture of the fee
– Prohibition of single player play with multiple balls / also applies to active members /
– Prohibition of playing on the field before opening hours / also applies to active members /
– Always follow the instructions of the staff
– Playing and moving on the court is at your own risk
– Follow the rules of good conduct, local rules and R&A golf rules

Court boundaries:

– The boundaries of the field are formed by white pegs (the connection between them), the fence
– Exceptions:

hole no. 8 and 9 – the ball is off the court when it is on the road and in the parking lot

– Criminal zones /prav.17.1/ – marked with red pins resp. lines

Fixed barriers / right. 16.1.a, b, c /:

– A young tree supported by wooden wheels forms the only immobile barrier with support
– Planting of plants and shrubs
– White pins, red pins, blue pins, distance pins
– Fixed washer heads, shaft covers, waste bins, tee markers
– base fabrics in sand barriers
– Playground real estate

Movable barriers:

– Rule 15